Razoric blog... First!

On this blog I’ll be discussing past, present and future Razoric.com Flash games and animations, iPhone games and apps and occasional tutorials on how I do what I do.

For now, here is what I’ve been working on for the site:

Skinny Hollywood (iPhone game) - I just submitted another version of my first iPhone game to the app store.  It has been rejected no less than three times now due to it being “offensive. ”  It’s about feeding a skinny Hollywood actress burgers and pizza, instead of health foods and diet pills.   In the current version I cut out all references to diet pills and laxatives and replaced those items with carrots and broccoli.  We’ll see if Apple still finds it offensive or not.  For more information on Skinny Hollywood, click here.   Of course I’ll post it on Razoric if/when it ever gets approved for sale.

Physics based game (iPhone game) - While waiting for Skinny Hollywood to get approved I’m working on another iPhone game that’s physics based…  I’m still working out the theme and gameplay but basically you’ll be dropping bombs and blowing stuff up.  Should be fun!  I’m currently teaching myself cocos2D and Box2D to integrate into the game engine.  Once I get a good grasp on it and get the game out the door I’ll post some tutorials and source code to help get others started.

Razoric.com (website) - The site has been in the process of being redone for about six months now.  I’m currently working on getting all of my old Flash cartoons and games on the new site, getting this blog off the ground and possibly installing a forum sometime in the future.

ImNotWorking.com (website) - A few years ago I turned Razoric.com into a Flash arcade that not only featured my own games and animations but others too.   While remaking Razoric.com I decided to create a site that showcased only my animations and games and spin the arcade off to another site.   The arcade features over 14,000 games and sports a pretty decent template.  You can view it and play some games here.

Text 4 Dead (Flash Game) - And finally, for those who might have missed it, during Razoric.com’s lengthy time in limbo I managed to sneak out a quick Flash game called Text 4 Dead (click here for more info and to play it).  It’s a fun little game in which you try to escape a Zombie attack using only text commands.  There are many different ways to get out of the situation and achievements to go along with them.

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